Your Gift: A guided meditation for "Letting Go" of what blocks you from irresistible self confidence.

The first step in building irresistible self confidence is to let go of the old habitual thoughts and beliefs that subconsciously prevent you from living the life of your dreams.

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Poise and self confidence are characteristics critical for success in life.  Without these two necessary skills, we often develop beliefs of low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness leading to unhappiness, painful experiences and unfulfilled potentials.  Developing these skills will provide:


- countless opportunities for growth, expansion and increase

- the ability to benefit from knowing your own priceless value

-  the means to be able to communicate your worth to others

- the gift of teaching self confidence to family, friends and peers


As many of our limiting beliefs are hidden deep in the subconscious mind, the best way to access them for change is through the practice of meditation.  Don't have 20 years of uninterrupted free time to learn to meditate?  Then let the science of brainwave entrainment, with soothing isochronic tones and music, take you deep into the "theta brainwave" state of mind.  As you naturally slip into relaxation, the loving "Letting Go" messages will gently loosen your grip on what no longer serves your well being.


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